The answer is quite simple actually…

Great EatsI have been a photographer since the age of 13. I loved taking a picture, running to the darkroom and developing an image. The process was simple, and what you saw is what my eye and the camera saw.

Digital photography has changed how we take pictures and process them. I still love taking pictures, but instead of a darkroom, I now develop them on a computer. While the process has changed, I still stick to my passion for using my eye and the camera.

I am not a fan of taking a picture and using a computer to make it digital art. That is what it becomes, digital art and not a Pure photograph.

My images have to be developed on a computer, but I do not add effects from the computer to change or alter the image. I guess I am a film guy at heart, and do my best to provide Pure photography.

It is still my camera and me, and my darkroom may be a computer, but the final product is Pure!