Meet Randy A. Levenson

Randy Levenson - PureLenzI was born and raised in the Washington DC metro area. I was given my first 35mm Konica camera at the age of 12 and was bitten by the photo bug right away. My first passion was photographing people and anything to do with nature. But it was my love of capturing the human expression that led me to open my professional studio.  Photography by Randy Levenson became an award winning, well known and respected studio, specializing in Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Portraits, Children and some commercial work. My studio was very successful with every weekend booked. While working with a very bad knee, the hobby that I loved became a difficult career, thus my event shooting days had to end.

Film was replaced by digital technology during the period I was out of photography, busy raising a family and working. I bought my first digital point and shoot to take pictures when my son was born.  Life was busy, so photography remained just a hobby. In December 2009 I had a full knee replacement.  While I was stuck in the house looking outside at two feet of snow during my recovery, the bug had hit me again.  I poured over photo books and electronic magazines on my iPad. The web changed the game, so much information was available to help me explore and learn the digital world. I purchased my first digital camera while laid up and started taking pictures as soon as I was able.  Thus, was born. This is now my full time job and passion.  I will be shooting as much as possible and I look forward to sharing images with the world on

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Randy  Levenson